Ashburton Chefs Academy – Week 17

Week 17 has been the most unusual week of school yet – Dining Club Week. During dining club we cook an eight course tasting menu for paying customers over four nights with all of the money from the tickets going to charity. Each of the students cook for two nights and are front of house for one night, giving us one day off. The menu was designed by Chef Alan who also oversaw the whole week. It was a week of long days for all of us, but nobody put in as many hours as Alan, who even pulled nearly a 17 hour day on his birthday on Tuesday!

Venison Loin with Jerusalem Artichoke, Kale, Parsnip Purée, Fondant Potato, Beetroot Crisp and Venison Sauce

Monday and Tuesday were my days in the kitchen, I got Wednesday off and then was front of house on Thursday. Beyond seeing the menu we came in on Monday morning with no information and no prep done – Monday was set to be one hell of an education!